Shortly after the Civil War ended, the German communities in southern Cape Girardeau County, the neighborhoods we now know as Tilsit and Gordonville, were developing their farms. They felt there should be some kind of unity and mutual protection against potential losses of their buildings, either by fire or lightening.

As a result on June 7th, 1869, The Cape Girardeau County Mutual Fire Insurance Association was formed by John Neumeyer (President), Henry Boese and Henry Werner (Directors).

At first, only houses and farms with minimum contents were insured, but as the company grew, they began covering more items including grain, machinery, horses, cattle , feed and furniture.

Over the years the company has changed its name many times. The latest being Missouri Heritage Mutual Insurance Company in 2006.

Celebrating over 150 years of service to Missouri, the company has expanded coverage to more than just farm equipment. They now offers home and property insurance. The company currently has 17 agencies and is 1 of 2 mutual insurance companies that have celebrated 150 years of service in Missouri.

The company’s goal has stayed the same over the years, to protect financial strength and security, while maintaining affordable insurance for policyholders.

Missouri Heritage Mutual Insurance Company is reinsured by the Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation of Madison, Wisconsin and complies with the reinsurance requirements of the State of Missouri. The current A. M. Best rating of Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation is B++ and the FSC is “VI”.

As a Missouri mutual insurance company, Missouri Heritage Mutual Insurance Company is governed by a 5 member board of directors elected from the policyholders. The annual meeting is held each year on the second Tuesday of March at 6:00 pm at the home office.